The Norwegian WHO Healthy Cities Network

Sist oppdatert: 26.03.2019

Sunne kommuner is the Norwegian WHO Healthy Cities Network. The network consists of local and regional authorities that are strongly committed to prioritizing health and well-being in their community planning and development.


Sunne kommuner is part of the WHO Healthy Cities Network and works locally, nationally and internationally to create communities that are good, healthy and safe to live in.

The purpose of the network is to support the members’ work on community development that promotes health and well-being and reduces health inequities. This is carried out by creating cooperation and development arenas that will strengthen the members’ ability to work evidence based and be innovative, identifying and testing new methods and approaches.

The Norwegian WHO Healthy Cities Network was established in 1994. Since then, the network has maintained an overarching focus on promoting social equity, health promotion perspectives and HIAP (Health in All Policies) in local, regional and national policies. 

The network currently has 35 members; 4 regions and 31 municipalities. 

The Norwegian WHO Healthy Cities Network has an international Twitter account. Follow us at @healthynorway

General objectives - 2015-2019

  • Develop and share knowledge and best practice on community factors that influence health inequities
  • Establish and develop cooperative arenas and mechanisms to strengthen the members’ to work evidence based and be innovative with their public health initiatives
  • Build a reputation through communication that highlights the network as a credible, vital and influential public health actor on national, regional and local levels
  • Cooperate closely with relevant actors, such as NGOs, social entrepreneurs, civil society, research institutions and government authorities, to promote public health
  • Highlight and develop the network operationalization of WHO Healthy Cities’s phase 6 and the Health 2020 European Policy Framework

Health and well-bing as drivers for sustainable development 

The work of the WHO Eureopean Healthy Cities Network is devided into phases. Phase VI of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network runs from 2019-2024.

Phase VII is based on six ovearching themes - The 6 P's- and is fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development:

  1. People: A healthy city takes a human approach to development, prioritizing investment in people and ensuring access for all to common  goods and services.
  2. Participation: A healthy city leads by example ensuring community participation in decisions that affect where and how people live, their  common goods and services. 
  3. Prosperity: A healthy city strives for enhanced community prosperity and strengthened assets through values-based governance of common  goods and services. 
  4. Planet: A healthy city ensures that the health and well-being of both the people and the planet are at the heart of all the city’s  internal and external policies. 
  5. Place: A healthy city creates an accessible social, physical and cultural environment that facilitates the pursuit of health and  well-being. 
  6. Peace: A healthy city leads by example by promoting and keeping peace in all its actions, policies and systems.

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